Fine Art - Offline Classes

u looking for activities to do with your children at home? These lesson plans cover a variety of topics. And they offer a perfect way to teach and learn with your child. The programs are filled with ideas to build different skills. So you don’t have to spend time coming up with new projects. Instead, you can spend that time having fun together!


Shima Dehghan

Shima Dehghan



We use professional art supplies, including water colours, markers, acrylic paint, chalk and oil pastels, coloured pencils, and many more

There is no homework. Practice is optional but highly recommended. Please don’t “correct” your children’s creations by drawing or painting for them. Allow them to express their imagination and artistry in any way they choose

It’s never too early or too late! We recommend starting at age 2 or 3 so that your child can get all the benefits as soon as possible

Splashes and stains can always happen, no matter how careful your child is. So we recommend wearing casual “play clothes” that can stand some additional colours.

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