Music Program

Music boosts children’s memory, self-esteem and more.

Learning an instrument or singing is never just one act. Children gain hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and an internal rhythm. Our Music program is designed for children and we offer both group and private lessons. They’ll develop a love of music and the self-discipline that comes with practice. They’ll learn teamwork in our ensembles. Their self-confidence will flourish through live performance. And our culturally diverse programming will help them expand their boundaries.


No. Your child can learn to play any instrument they like as long as they meet the physical requirements for it.

It depends on the individual child and their interests, age, abilities, and physical size and strength. Generally speaking, percussion instruments (for example, hand drums, xylophones, and tambourines) and the piano or keyboard are a great start for younger children. And as they grow up, they can pick up strings, guitars, and some wind instruments like the recorder or flute. No matter what your child’s first instrument is, they’ll learn to listen, sing, and read music. And they can use all these skills to later learn other instruments.

There is no specific time frame for this as each child learns at a different rate. Of course, regular practice and a love of the chosen instrument will speed up the process. But it’s important to look at instrument learning as a long-term (and hopefully life-long) practice and not expect quick results.

Instrument size is usually the most important obstacle for young children. As long as a child is interested in an instrument and they are physically big enough to play it, they can learn it. Generally speaking, children can start playing the piano or violin as early as 4 years old. Others such as some string or band instruments are better for older children (around 7 or 8). This might seem like a difficult decision to make. Give us a call or fill out our Information Request form and we’d be happy to help make it easier.

Yes! We offer a variety of instruments and genres including World Music, Jazz, and Electronic. Please call us or refer to our Program Guide for more information.

Having access to an instrument is necessary for regular practice. And other than large ones like drums or piano, students are required to attend class with their own instrument. If you prefer not to purchase an instrument, we can make rental arrangements for you.

Smaller, portable keyboards are fine for learning key placements and the basics of piano playing. However, as your child progresses, they will need to practice different musical expressions, and develop more finger strength. At that point, the acoustic piano is the way to go. If you need a more affordable option, high quality keyboards with weighted keys are a great alternative.

You won’t need to teach anything at home. Your role is to create a fun and safe space where they feel comfortable to practice every day. And the most important help you can provide your child is to spend time actively listening to music together.

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