Visual Arts Program

Visual arts develop children’s creativity, critical thinking, and more.

The benefits of children learning visual arts are endless. Through art, they learn to express their deepest feelings and communicate with the world around them. Their problem-solving skills grow as they learn to think creatively. Younger children also gain fine motor skills when practicing the basics of artmaking. Our Visual Arts program is designed for children and taught by passionate artists. We provide quality art supplies and introduce your children to many different artforms.
At this time, we require all students use their own art supplies for our in-person classes. We have created personal art kits that will remain at the school, and will not be shared between students. You can purchase one during your next visit. You can also give us a call, and we’d be happy to deliver or arrange for a curbside pick-up. They’ll soon be available in our online store as well.

Visual Arts Programs

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As children build their visual arts skills, they learn to better express their emotions. Art nourishes their creativity, improves their fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. They gain an understanding of the world around them through lines, colours, and shapes.

Beginners don’t need any prior knowledge or experience. We have some prerequisites for our more advanced students. Please call us or fill out our Information Request form for more information.

Splashes and stains can always happen, no matter how careful your child is. So we recommend wearing casual “play clothes” that can stand some additional colours. Aprons are available upon request, but due to health concerns, we encourage that students bring their own.

It’s never too early or too late! We recommend starting at age 2 or 3 so that your child can get all the benefits as soon as possible.

In keeping with municipal and provincial recommendations, we require all students to use their own art materials until further notice. We have personal supply kits available for purchase. It is also beneficial to have supplies at home so your child can practice.

We use professional art supplies, including water colours, markers, acrylic paint, chalk and oil pastels, coloured pencils, and many more.

There is no homework. Practice is optional but highly recommended. Please don’t “correct” your children’s creations by drawing or painting for them. Allow them to express their imagination and artistry in any way they choose.


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